Strength Through Mobility

Specialized Orthopedic Physical Therapy Services

How we help patients in Ithaca and throughout Gratiot County

Promote Recovery

We identify the root cause of your symptoms to help reduce pain and improve musculoskeletal function.

Restore Mobility

Through a combination of manual therapy and mobility exercises we improve your joint and soft tissue mechanics to maintain your foundational strength.

Improve Wellness

Various wellness and preventative services are offered involving flexibility, strengthening and dynamic stability to ensure you live your best, most mobile life!

About Us

Ithaca Physical Therapy

At Ithaca Physical Therapy, we specialize in providing individualized treatment to help you meet your maximum therapeutic potential. Our licensed physical therapists take a hands-on approach to injury treatment and prevention. We focus on restoring and improving the mechanics and mobility of the injured region as well as the surrounding areas through manual therapy and other treatment techniques. We are committed to helping you in your quest for better health and appreciate the trust you put in us.

Physical Therapy

Whether you are in pain or looking for a competitive edge, we form an individualized plan of care to help you achieve your goals. We aim to find the source of your pain, address mobility deficits, and improve your overall strength and function.

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What our customers are saying...

Robert O. Patient

Ithaca Physical Therapy has an amazing staff, that cares about you getting the best therapy you need to help in your recovery. I personally want to thank everyone there that has help me through some difficult injuries. Keep providing great therapy and advice to your clients. If you are in need of physical therapy. I recommend you call and make an appointment with Ithaca Physical Therapy.

Becky B. Patient

The PT's and PTA at Ithaca Physical Therapy are all excellent, highly skilled, and knowledgeable in their field. Over several years, I have actually been worked on by each one there and they are all good! Their emphasis on manual therapy makes them much more effective than some places where they don't actually "treat" you. They keep up-to-date in the profession. On top of all of that, they are good people. The other staff are also very professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend you go here for all of your physical therapy needs!

Tesorae D. Patient

Fantastic people doing great work. Went initially for a minor back problem. They helped improve my overall pain level and increase my functionality once I was diagnosed with a chronic joint issue. Will continue to use Ithaca PT and recommend it to anyone who needs to see physical therapist.

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We keep you moving

We are committed to helping you in your quest for better health and appreciate the trust you put in us 

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